New Hyundai i30 2022 Rumors, Facelift

New Hyundai i30 2022 Rumors, Facelift

New Hyundai i30 2022 Rumors, Facelift  – Facing updated competition, i30 needs to improve its game to keep the fight going. Despite the heavy masquerade, it is easy to see the lights have been redesigned from the ground up and will probably employ an All-LED setup.

The company Hyundai “Cascading Grille ” is also partially visible. The front and rear bumpers remain hidden beneath the double-layered Camo, but we expect some changes in the area as well.

New Hyundai i30 2022 Rumors, Facelift

New Hyundai i30 2022 Rumors, Facelift

When this compact came out a few years ago, we were pleasantly surprised at how tame it looked, especially by the standards set by Korean cars. Maybe they are trying to borrow a page from a Golf design book, but they have now reconsidered their decision.

Scouts stationed in Scandinavia have been trapped in a pilot prototype that underwent a winter test. And despite the heavy camouflage, we can create some bold style elements.

Hyundai i30 Features

In the front, the sport i30 LED lights are much narrower with a kind of circle-shaped V that is mirrored in the back. Meanwhile, the Grille has a 3D Trestle effect, which may be similar to all-New Tucson SUV.

Of all the prototypes present, one has different sets of larger looking lamps, so Hyundai may want to offer a different body style like KIA Xceed or this could just be a cheaper light system.

Likely to debut towards the end of the year, this facelift had to cover the entire i30 family which not only included the hatchback, but also a wagon and possibly even Fastback. We also couldn’t forget the popular i30 N, the heat hatch that packs a GTI-beating performance for less money and had to add an 8-speed DCT gearbox option.

New Hyundai i30 2022 Rumors, Facelift

Selling in Europe means Hyundai needs to keep CO2 emissions i30 as minimal as possible. Perhaps the Target for 2022 is 95 grams, and for that to accomplish, they will probably need to add light-hybrid technology to both 1.0 and 1.4-liter turbo engines. There is already a plug-in version, although it is not widely available at this time.

2022 Hyundai i30 Interior

2022 Hyundai i30 Interior

Interior spy shots do not reveal anything big, but this i30 seems to be equipped with a digital dashboard and a new Infotainment screen with fewer buttons and knobs.

In addition, the backlight will go through a few tweaks as well and can switch to a Full-LED setting like many of I30 ‘s competitors already have at higher Trim levels. Hyundai could throw some choice of body paint color and a new alloy wheel design to make her Golf rivals feel refreshed though it would be just a facelift to avoid the middle-aged crisis.

Hyundai i30 Change

Expecting only about the same changes for the i30 Fastback style we can rarely talk about as well as for a more practical i30 train. Additionally, the i30 N Peak range has been seen undergoing testing, and it is set to receive the long-awaited dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The already-confirmed eight-speed transmission will be a significant upgrade of the company’s current seven-speed ‘ box, while a debated all-wheel-drive system has not been signed first.

Hyundai can unveil an updated hatchback in early March at the Geneva Motor Show unless it will wait early October when Paris shows programmed to take place.

2020 Hyundai i30 N Project C

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