New Hyundai i40 2021 Rumors

New Hyundai i40 2021 Rumors

New Hyundai i40 2021 Rumors – Hyundai I40 We suspect to be the generation that has been tested in Nurburgring. The 2021 i40 is seen to be half the smaller size of the US-focused Sonata and has a Sportier overall design.

The strong shoulder prototype lines, wide Grille, and swoopy rear-style Fastback seem to be borrowed from the concept of the HDC-1 Le Fil Rouge, although the length of the car cap and Rear-drive proportions have not been done along the way.

New Hyundai i40 2021 Rumors

New Hyundai i40 2021 Rumors
New Hyundai i40 2021 Rumors

The yellow sticker on the windshield shows this prototype powered by the Hybrid longer drivetrain again.

If this is indeed a new I40, it will enter the European family sedan market to shrink quickly. After the main parts of the automotive continent landscape, the segment has seen sharp falling volumes as buyers flock to the crossover and small luxury cars.

2021 Hyundai i40 Competitions

The other Marques Asia has ceased to produce a competitor-thinking Nissan Primera, Toyota Avensis and Honda Accord Euro-for this segment, left Germany to battle it out with cars such as the Volkswagen Passat, Opel badge, and Ford Mondeo.

As with the latest Peugeot 508, the new I40 can be marketed as a “four-door Coupe ” Rather than a straight sedan family. We speculate here, but the business case for the new I40 might make sense if it was also manufactured for sale in China.

We are not sure when this vehicle will make its debut, but given the body full of camouflage and while the tail lamp unit, it may not be fully revealed until the second half of 2020.

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