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2024 Hyundai Genesis GV90: Luxury SUV With Advanced Electric Power

2024 Hyundai Genesis GV90

Hyundai plans to end the development of internal combustion engines, meaning the South Korean automaker will use EVs.

2021 is the year that the E-GMP platform was unveiled with the Ioniq 5, EV6, and GV60, but additional zero-emission models are coming soon.

2024 Hyundai Genesis GV90

2024 Hyundai Genesis GV90
2024 Hyundai Genesis GV90

A beautiful sedan based on the Prophecy concept, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 will go on sale next year. The Ioniq 7, a three-row SUV hinted at by the SEVEN concepts, will go on sale in early 2024.

Kia will have an equivalent EV9, and the Genesis should have gotten its big vehicle with a seven-seat layout. It may have been ridiculed by Hyundai’s premium division earlier this month as a deliberately darkened scale model.

The first three-row model from Genesis, the GV90, will be the luxury brand’s flagship SUV. Just like the G90 sedan, which has meticulous detail about the driver and passengers, the GV90 will offer an immersive experience for everyone. But unlike the G90, the GV90 is said to be an electric SUV only.

Genesis is an aspirational brand that wows with its design and performance and keeps growing its product line.

Today, Genesis offers GV60, GV70, and GV80 crossovers in addition to the G70, G80, and G90 sedans. GV will release electric versions of the GV70 and G80 this year.

The GV90 will be a brand-new model to the company’s lineup of electric vehicles, even if the GV60 and G80 Electric are the only dedicated EVs it is now selling in the United States.

The GV80 is now Genesis’ top SUV; however, it lacks the features and capabilities of a genuine flagship vehicle.

With Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQS SUVs becoming serious competitors, the GV90 will take the initiative and boost its game.

2024 Hyundai Genesis GV90 Powertrain

The Hyundai Motor Group’s electric architecture, and the E-GMP platform, will serve as the GV90’s foundation.

The two SUVs will also use these platforms with three rows of seating confirmed for production, the Kia EV9 and Hyundai Ioniq 7.

The range for the GV90 must be at least 300 miles. A 350 kW fast charger requires 20 to 30 minutes to charge from 10% to 80%.

Given the size and weight of this model, the logic tells us that everything will be offered only with a dual motor and all-wheel drive, but it remains to be seen.

Hyundai Motor Group likely saved the best for the latter as the GV90 will probably arrive after the Ioniq 7 and EV9, given that Hyundai and Kia have already previewed their models.

Hyundai’s Strategy For 2025

2024 Hyundai Genesis GV90 Exterior
2024 Hyundai Genesis GV90 Exterior

Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled its new roadmap to transform the company into a “smart mobility solutions provider” by 2025.

Dubbed the 2025 Strategy, the plan calls on Hyundai to “expand beyond cars” and produce long-range mobility products and private aerial vehicles, better known as flying cars.

The plan is not very specific but calls for “balanced and stable growth with a portfolio that takes into account a variety of regional and product needs.”

That’s pretty sketchy, but electric vehicles are the cornerstone of the plan. By 2025, the company wants to sell 560,000 EVs and 110,000 FCVs annually.

That’s just the beginning, as Hyundai will power most of the new models in key markets – such as China, Europe, South Korea, and the United States – by 2030. Emerging markets like Brazil and India will follow suit by 2035.

Hyundai plans to have Level 2 and 3 semi-autonomous drive systems available on all models by 2025. The company also aims to have a fully autonomous drive system in mass production by 2024.

2024 Hyundai Genesis GV90 Price Starting at $ 75.000.

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